I have been building instruments since 2004, especially Latin American plucked strings and classical guitars.

Since I began to formally study music, guitar and charango at the beloved EMPA, I had an interest in the instrument as an object, as a device for making music, its shapes, materials, woods, aesthetics, the variability between them, etc.

Out of curiosity I began to research about luthiery, I read about materials, techniques and construction methodologies and I delved into the construction of instruments

Although the apprenticeship of the trade took place autonomously, the generosity of some colleagues such as @Ricardo Louzao, @Jorge Espinosa and @“chiquito” Rodríguez, (if you think we love them on Instagram) perfect the love. It was very valuable, especially in those initial moments.

While continuing my training as a builder, playing in various groups, sharing and accompanying other musicians as an instrumentalist, allowed me to make a more accurate evaluation of my own instruments. I was understanding the needs regarding sound, nuances, colors, comfort, design, tuning, touches and many etc. What do they do to the instrument?

At the same time, I continued my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in anthropology. This beautiful discipline has collaborated and continues to collaborate in the craft of luthiery, because research as a way of knowing and understanding is a fundamental aspect for the construction of instruments.


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